Boost Your Teaching: Unlimited Plan for Creating, Monetizing, and Publishing ✨

Boost Your Teaching: Unlimited Plan for Creating, Monetizing, and Publishing ✨


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The world of online education is constantly evolving, and with our new $299.99 super plan, you can now take your teaching to exponential levels. This plan offers you a range of tools and functionalities that allow you not only to create and monetize unlimited courses but also to maximize their visibility on a platform with over 2 million students.

Benefits Included in the Unlimited Plan

This plan includes all the advantages of the Free and Basic plans, enhancing every aspect of course creation and management:

  • Unlimited Course Creation and Monetization: Create and monetize as many courses as you want, easily sharing the link via the web.

  • Course Generation Using AI: Automatically create content in less than 10 minutes with the help of artificial intelligence, including gamified activities to make learning more dynamic and engaging.

  • Lesson Templates: Access creative templates that keep students interested and engaged.

  • Course Creation from YouTube: Reuse your YouTube content by incorporating videos directly into your courses with just a copy-paste of the link.

  • Learning Funnels: The tool manages two funnels or conversion funnels so that the educator can know how it is going.

  • Conversion Funnel: Measure registration and purchase statistics.

  • Engagement Funnel: Evaluate student interaction with your activities.

  • Landing Pages: Generate page links tied to your content and sales strategies, allowing for improved visibility through web links.

  • Student Analysis and Ratings: Perform detailed analyses of your students' progress using statistical data provided by our application.

  • Educator Assistance: Receive constant support through our WhatsApp or email assistance chat from the moment you register.

  • Account Manager: Get advanced assistance from an Account Manager who will guide you with advice and practices to ensure the success of your courses.

Exclusive Services of the Plus Plan

The Plus plan not only expands your course creation capabilities but also offers three exclusive services to take your courses to the next level:

  • Publishing on EducUp: Your courses will be visible on our EducUp app, where over 2 million registered students can discover and access your content.

  • Content Creation Assistance: Receive help from the EducUp content creation team to ensure your courses are complete and visually appealing.

  • API Access: Facilitate integration between different systems with our API, allowing you to access your data and functionalities from other applications.

Investing in our $299.99 plan is a strategic decision for any educator looking to expand their reach and maximize their income. With advanced tools, dedicated support, and a robust platform, you have everything you need to transform your teaching and reach millions of students.

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