EducUp App: More courses and more features!

EducUp App: More courses and more features!


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Hello guys! We have just launched the latest EducUp version 2.2.27 and is better than ever. Now you will have access to new courses from leading teachers that will offer exceptional learning opportunities with the helpful assistance of a tutor. So you can take advantage of this, to learn new things and expand your mind and skills.

Some of the features that are going to be coming up with this version are :

- Improved voice recognition

Remember that you had a bad time with the microphone recognition, well now you won't have that problem anymore. This will allow you to improve so much more your pronunciation while learning foreign languages with our app.

- Direct access to lessons using links

This feature was designed to make the lessons as accessible as possible.

- Possibility to change the email address

In case you forget your email address or you change it, this option helps you to continue with your account.

- Visual Improvements in courses and conversation exercises

Our design is optimized for your device, so it will look great no matter what model of cellphone you have.

**EducUp 2.2.27 released - What’s New? Let's Check Them Out! Learn, share your knowledge and inspire!

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