Launching EducUp Study on Product Hunt: Our Experience ๐Ÿ’™

Launching EducUp Study on Product Hunt: Our Experience ๐Ÿ’™


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Recently, we presented our new product, EducUp Study, on Product Hunt. This milestone comes nearly a year after the launch of EducUp Studio on the same platform, a tool aimed at educators and educational content creators.

For this new presentation, we set three clear objectives:

  1. Introduce our product to a community curious about technology and innovation.

  2. Receive valuable feedback and comments from users.

  3. Stand out on the platform, surpassing our previous achievement of reaching the sixth position.

Product Description

EducUp Study is an innovative platform designed to maximize each person's unique learning style. It transforms any video, article, podcast, or specific topic into gamified and personalized lessons that capture the user's attention. Our advanced AI technology adapts the content you're interested in within less than 3 minutes, turning it into dynamic and challenging summaries and exercises. This tool, found within our EducUp app, can undoubtedly help you prepare for exams, learn complex concepts, and enrich your professional life in a motivating and effective way.

How We Did It

To prepare for this launch, we gathered a lot of information online and primarily guided ourselves with the excellent launch guide provided by Product Hunt, which we highly recommend.

During the pre-launch phase, we prepared visual materials and a promotional video. We created a launch preview and shared it in various Product Hunt groups on social media, as well as with our team, family, educators, and students in our community. This helped gain the attention of people interested in our launch. A key point was participating in discussions on Product Hunt.

On the day of the launch, we stayed active in the communities. We sent reminders to everyone involved about the importance of their support and shared the launch link on social media, both on the individual profiles of team members and the company's profiles. Additionally, we shared the link in Product Hunt groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Telegram. We were very attentive to the comments we received and responded to all of them. It was very enriching, and we received excellent feedback.

After the launch, we shared the results on the company's profiles, thanking everyone for their support. We also wrote this blog as a summary of our experience, aiming to be useful for anyone planning to launch their product on Product Hunt.

Launch Results

Launching a product on Product Hunt is a process full of ups and downs and stress, as you compete with other excellent products for the community's attention and support. Despite these challenges, our effort paid off, and we are excited to share our results:

  • Position on Product Hunt: We reached the #5 spot with 235 votes and 63 comments.

  • Interactions and Recognitions: We experienced incredible interaction with the community, receiving valuable comments and recognition for the innovation of our product.

Tips for Other Launches

After our experience with the launch of EducUp Study on Product Hunt, we have learned valuable lessons that we will apply to our next launch. Here are some tips we hope you find useful:

  • Early Planning: The key to success lies in meticulous and early planning. Set clear objectives, prepare all marketing materials, including graphics and copy, and design interaction strategies. Acting promptly and meticulously ensures that nothing is left to chance.

  • Active Participation in Communities: Stay active in Product Hunt communities and discussions. Constant participation increases your visibility and allows you to reach more people during the launch. Share relevant knowledge, support other launches, and avoid excessive self-promotion to maintain an authentic image.

  • Teamwork: Teamwork is essential. While it is possible to launch solo, the best results are achieved when the entire team is focused and actively involved. Collaboration increases interaction and reach, and each team member can bring different perspectives and skills that enrich the process.

  • Value of Communities: Maker communities offer invaluable support. Participating in communities, specialized forums, or social media groups can provide crucial support and valuable feedback. These communities are invaluable for the practical advice and constructive feedback they provide.

We hope these tips are useful for your next launch. Finally, if you haven't visited our launch yet, here is the link:

Visit it and, of course, leave us your opinion. This is not just about one day but about a product we put at your disposal.

Good luck! ๐Ÿš€