"One million learners in EducUp"

"One million learners in EducUp"


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We've reached 1 Million learners in our App!

Educup has users in 175 countries from all over the world, mainly from America and Europe. The educational app continues to consolidate its position as one of the international favorites, adding more than a million students to its personalized and interactive learning system in different subjects.

After its launch in February 2020, around 270 000 students from Mexico were registered, followed by 205 000 from Colombia and 82 000 from the USA. The app has also been of great interest to students from Peru, Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Chile, and Venezuela.

With the possibility of downloading it for free in Apple and Android stores. It presents a constantly growing community, with new members each day interested in expanding or reinforcing their knowledge.

Users have access to interactive and creative maths lessons at all levels. Likewise, language courses to learn English, Portuguese and German. As well as courses in managing personal finances, mental math, programming, and digital marketing, among other subjects.

The teaching method on this platform is called "GET", which aims at teaching first-rate courses through entertaining and fun sessions that are tailored to the needs of each student.

Besides the founders Carlos Raul Garcia, Yusnier Viera, and Yamel Barroso there is a group of engineers, designers, educators, and entrepreneurs almost all Cuban residing in Panama, the United Kingdom, Spain, Bulgaria, and Cuba.

One of the founders of EducUp is the outstanding mathematician Yusnier Viera, who is known as the "human calculator" for his ability to solve mathematical problems and for being the only human with relevant results in Calculation and Mental Memorizing.

With the help of Carlos Raúl García, a Computer Science Engineer, and Yamel Barroso, a business entrepreneur, the idea began to be developed until it became an app that combines a passion for technology and education.

Last January, it was reported that the app's good results and growth have caught the attention of a group of US investors who run the On Deck accelerator.

So, what are you waiting for joining us in this learning journey? Start now! Downloads