Welcome to 2022!

Welcome to 2022!

Are you ready for this new ride?


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Guess what? 2022 just started and we are already working hard to delight our students. We have just updated our app! With this new version, I assure you'll have a great user experience and you're going to feel much more comfortable when using these additional functions.

Besides paying with Paypal, now you'll also have the chance to pay with a credit or debit card and securely save those payment methods for future usage when paying for any tutoring session. So you won't have to repeat all the information every time you're going to pay.

Likewise, you'll have a new course progress bar that will be displayed at the top of each topic, in this way you'll see how much you have advanced and how much you have left to complete each course.

You'll have new courses filters! Yes, after updating your app you'll filter all the courses by categories in a faster way, so you won't have any delay to find the courses you like.

It has happened to you that you have a question about an exercise or you would like to take notes of something new that you have learned but you don't have a notebook at hand or you don't have the time to look for the information needed. Well with this new version you can add study notes to the questions writing the notes you need with different titles and you'll find them all on your profile.

Finally, you will be able to edit the Daily Goal from the profile edition in order to set your goals for each day in an easier way.

What are you waiting for? Download the update now. Downloads