Content Team 2023 Highlights

Content Team 2023 Highlights


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2023 has been a pivotal year for our Content Team at EducUp. Known for their dedication to supporting educators in creating and enhancing courses, the team has taken significant strides this year. Embracing the EducUp Studio, our new tool, they've shown remarkable adaptability and expertise.

Major Contributions

Adopting EducUp Studio

The team seamlessly transitioned to the EducUp Studio, showcasing not just adaptability but also providing invaluable feedback. Their collaboration with the development team led to crucial fixes, feature enhancements, and new functionalities.

Support and Development of Courses

They've been instrumental in creating and improving a multitude of courses for new and successful educators alike. Highlights include work on courses like "Nao Now," "La Biblioteka," "Navi Code," as well as for renowned educators like Pacho Ochoa, Andres en Ingles, and English with Tiffani.

Innovative Content Strategy

One of the standout strategies was leveraging social media content from educators. By using lesson templates in the EducUp Studio, the team enabled the quick creation of lessons that complemented social media content. This approach significantly boosted content volume, student engagement, and ultimately, course sales.

Some Numbers

  • New Educators in EducUp Studio: 811

  • Courses Created: 576

  • Lessons Produced: 22,154

  • Videos Generated: 2,737

  • Questions Created: Over 459,000

Team Member Spotlights

Amanda Marrero (Team Leader)

Amanda, the leader of our content team, masterfully blends her communication and teaching skills to steer the team toward new heights of creativity and efficiency. Her proactive approach keeps her constantly engaged with the team's main tasks, setting a high standard through her example. Amanda's leadership has been a guiding light, inspiring the team to explore innovative solutions and maintain a high level of productivity.

The next big step for Amanda within the team involves diving into her programming skills. She plans to develop scripts that will significantly aid the content creation process. By combining the power of coding with her creativity, Amanda is poised to revolutionize the way we create new courses and content in general. This innovative approach promises to enhance our content offerings enormously.

Anays Rodríguez

Anays brings an infectious smile and a knack for building strong relationships within the team, creating a collaborative environment. Her eagerness to expand her skill set has notably enhanced her problem-solving abilities. Anays has shown significant growth, eagerly taking on responsibilities and responding positively to feedback.

Melisa Suárez

Melisa stands out for her creativity and independence, making a significant impact, especially in activities related to English courses. She goes beyond merely following guidelines, infusing them with her innovative ideas. Her fresh approaches and commitment to quality have raised the bar for excellence in our content.

Xian Rodríguez

Xian adds a layer of kindness to our team dynamics. She approaches every task with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn quickly, which translates into high-quality content creation. Her versatility and readiness to embrace various tasks make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Alberto Fernández

Alberto, the seasoned veteran of the team, embodies expertise and reliability. His wealth of experience and foresight make him the voice of wisdom. Known for his strong sense of responsibility and proactive approach, he ensures excellence in every task. Alberto's commitment guarantees flawless quality in all his endeavors.

Looking ahead

The Content Team's achievements in 2023 are nothing short of extraordinary. Their innovative approaches and diligent work have not only enhanced the quality of our offerings but also significantly contributed to our growth. We owe a large part of this year’s success to their hard work and innovative strategies. Looking ahead, we are excited to see how their continued contributions will shape the future of EducUp.