EducUp Dev Team 2023 Highlights

EducUp Dev Team 2023 Highlights

5,776 Code Commits Across 7 Products


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We're proud to announce substantial progress across our range of products:

  1. Our Main Website: EducUp

  2. EducUp Studio: Studio

  3. EducUp Web App: Web App

  4. EducUp App (Old and New Version): App

  5. Admin & Portal

  6. Dashboard App

  7. EducUp APIs & Backend Services

Major Launches

1. EducUp Studio

Powered by AI, EducUp Studio helps online educators and companies create gamified content quickly. Here are some key features and achievements:

  • AI-Powered Content Creation: Turn a YouTube video or just a few words into a comprehensive course with hundreds of learning activities.

  • Successful Launch: Our debut on Product Hunt in July was a major hit, ranking 1st in Education, 2nd in Productivity, and 3rd in AI.

  • Broad Interest: Over 500 signups, including more than 100 companies.

2. EducUp App

Screenshot image 4

Our newly renovated app feels like a brand-new product:

  • Cutting-Edge Tech: Completely re-coded using Flutter for superior performance.

  • Enhanced Features:

    • Faster and more reliable.

    • Improved UX with new animations.

    • Advanced video player.

    • Full support for Android devices.

    • Enhanced authentication system using Firebase.

    • Support for external sign-ins (Apple, Google, Facebook, etc.).

    • Improved push notifications and in-app messages.

    • Optimized for iPads and Android tablets.

3. EducUp Web App

Expanding our reach with the much-requested web version of our app:

  • Desktop and Laptop Access: Now available for bigger screens.

  • Seamless Transition: The Flutter web experience mirrors the app, ensuring a consistent experience across devices.

Nice Things in Progress in the Shadows

As the year progresses, we've been forging the future of EducUp in the shadows, dedicating tireless hours to refining and evolving our platforms. The unveiling of a completely renewed version of our website, powered by Nuxt for unprecedented performance, UI/UX, and SEO improvements, is just around the corner. At the same time, we're advancing content delivery optimization through a global CDN and enhancing our infrastructure with a migration to Postgres, all focused on providing a faster, smoother, and more robust experience.

Showcasing Our Stars

At EducUp, we believe that behind every line of code, there's a story, a passion, and a dedication that deserves to be recognized. Today, we want to celebrate the incredible members of our team, who with every commit have contributed not only to the growth of our products but also to the atmosphere of innovation and excellence that defines us.

Carlos Raúl García - 1,107 Commits (3.08/day) Our CEO, Carlos, has programming in his DNA. Though his role doesn't demand coding, he has contributed significantly, especially in AI and backend, demonstrating that his leadership extends beyond mere words.

Tony Raúl Blanco Fernández - 465 Commits (1.29/day) Tony, our CTO and nighttime designer, has been the bridge between technology and the rest of the teams. His ability to refine and perfect products is unmatched, ensuring that each release is better than the last.

Leynier Gutiérrez González - 1,406 Commits (3.91/day) As Head of Engineering, Leynier has been at the helm of our development team. With a comprehensive vision and a practical approach, he has led by example, injecting his passion and skill into every project.

Roberto Marti Cedeño - 501 Commits (1.39/day) As our DevOps & Backend expert, Roberto is the go-to person for anything related to AWS, DNS, etc. His technical knowledge and solution-focused approach have kept our operations running smoothly.

Manuel Fernández - 747 Commits (2.08/day) Manuel is the Fullstack dev who never sleeps, always ready to tackle any technological challenge. His versatility and commitment have been fundamental to the team, always eager to learn and apply new solutions.

Elizabeth de la Paz - 311 Commits (0.86/day) Elizabeth, the artist behind our elegant website, is the CSS master at EducUp. With her help, we've not only enjoyed an attractive design but are also looking forward to the next version with Nuxt, which promises to be even more impressive.

Yeikel Uriarte Arteaga - 635 Commits (1.76/day) Yeikel is our Flutter star, whose deep knowledge and good practices have elevated the quality of our applications. His contribution goes beyond code; he's a key piece in the structure of our team.

Jang Acuña Ferrer - 58 Commits (1.05/day) Jang, the recent addition to our Flutter team, has proven to be a pillar for the upcoming release of version 3.0 of the app. His tenacity and skill match his nickname, Jang "The Rock" Acuña, reflecting his solid and reliable contribution to the project. We hope he stays with us for a long time.

Although some members have taken different paths, we cannot fail to thank Jorge Morgado Vega, Alejandro Giubel Hernández Arbelo, Damian Diaz, Darian Aguila, and Alejandro Klever for their time with us. Each one of them has left an indelible mark on EducUp, helping to achieve the goals of 2023 and leaving a legacy of dedication and excellence.

At EducUp, every commit counts, not just as a line of code but as part of the personal story of each developer. It's this unique blend of individual talent and collective effort that drives us forward. As we celebrate these achievements, we also look to the future with enthusiasm, knowing that this team has the passion, skill, and commitment to take EducUp to new heights in 2024 and beyond. Thank you to each of you for making this year a resounding success!

Embracing the Future: 2024 and Beyond

As we enter 2024, our primary focus will be further innovating the EducUp Studio and the EducUp App. We are dedicated to enhancing how educators share and monetize their knowledge and are equally committed to improving our students' learning experiences. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and user feedback, we aim to create more intuitive, engaging, and effective tools for both teaching and learning.

Let's make 2024 a year where knowledge-sharing and education reach new heights of success and impact.