EducUp Introduces the "EducUpers Ranking"

EducUp Introduces the "EducUpers Ranking"

A Game-Changer for Educators


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Revolutionizing Education Through Recognition and Reward

We are super excited to announce the "EducUpers Ranking". This new points system is not only a method to incentivize our educators but also a way to acknowledge their significant contributions to online learning.

The EducUpers Points System Explained

The EducUpers Ranking is built on a straightforward and impactful points system. Here's how points are accumulated:

  • Create Content: 1 point for each content piece created.

  • Publish Course: Launching a course earns a massive 2000 points.

  • User Streak: Engagement streaks garner 15 points each.

  • Renew Subscription: Renewals contribute 500 points.

  • New Student: Each new student brings in 5 points.

  • User Invitations: Inviting new users? That's 100 points.

  • New Premium Memberships: Each new premium sign-up is worth 500 points.

  • Course Reviews: Earn based on reviews, with a formula of 10 points per star, minus 30.

Accessing Your Ranking and Score History

EducUpers can easily track their progress by accessing the ranking from their profiles in the EducUp Studio. Additionally, a detailed Score History feature provides insights into how points were earned, allowing for strategic planning to climb higher in the rankings.

Monthly Highlights and Incentives

At the end of each month, top educators are showcased, celebrating their achievements and contributions. Rewards include:

  • Social Media Recognition: Boost your professional presence.

  • Certificates of Achievement: Acknowledgement of your hard work.

  • Monetary Bonuses: Financial rewards for exceptional performance.

The Advantages of Rising in the EducUpers Ranking

Climbing the EducUpers Ranking is rewarding in multiple ways:

  • Enhanced Student Engagement: Your impactful content leads to a more active student base.

  • Increased Audience: Your reach expands as you ascend the ranks, attracting more learners.

  • Higher Earning Potential: More subscriptions and premium memberships equate to increased earnings.

  • Professional Development: Recognition and rewards lead to personal and professional growth.


The EducUpers Ranking system is a powerful tool for recognizing the efforts of our educators. It represents a commitment to fostering a community where excellence in teaching is celebrated and rewarded. With the ability to track rankings and score history directly in the EducUp Studio, educators have everything they need at their fingertips to excel and inspire.

Join us on this exciting journey, where your dedication to teaching is met with the recognition and rewards you deserve. Welcome to the new era of the EducUpers Ranking – where every interaction and achievement paves the way to success.

Here's to your continued success and the impact you make every day!