Sales & Customer Success Team 2023 Highlights

Sales & Customer Success Team 2023 Highlights


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As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to look back at the remarkable journey of the Sales & Customer Success team at EducUp. Under the skilled leadership of Patricia Fondevila, our team has navigated through numerous challenges, continually adapting and innovating to find the perfect product-market fit.

Major Milestones


  1. Enhanced Funnel Strategies: We've significantly improved our funnel strategies, boosting the conversion rate from free to premium students in EducUp and its sibling apps.

  2. Innovative Subscription Model: Our new model allows educators to offer subscriptions to students. This promising initiative is already generating recurring revenue for both educators and EducUp.

  3. Diverse Marketing Campaigns: Collaborating with top educators, we've launched various campaigns with strategies like discounts, Buy One Get One (BOGO) offers, and Friend Invitations.


  1. Acquisition Strategy Revamp: We've upgraded our strategy for attracting new educators to join EducUp Studio, employing tools like Hubspot and sophisticated flow diagrams.

  2. Business Model Shift: The launch of EducUp Studio marks a significant shift from a Revenue-Split to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model for educators.

  3. Enhanced Communication: We've improved our communication channels with educators.

  4. Knowledge Center Expansion: Our knowledge center, crucial for educator support, has seen considerable enhancements.

2023 in Numbers


  • Campaigns: 178

  • Total New Users: 563,322

  • Premium Users: 5489

  • Conversion Rate: 0.97%

Apps with Best Conversion Rates

  • EducUp: 2.2%

  • Ingles Ya: 1.7%


  • Messages Handled:

    • Intercom: 51

    • Zendesk: 1589

    • Stores: 286

  • Student-focused Zendesk Articles: 50


  • New Leads in Database: 2442

  • Leads Contacted: 2291

  • Educupers: 724

  • Lead Contacts: 327

  • Educator-focused Zendesk Articles: 78

Team Spotlight: Celebrating Our Stars

In addition to our collective achievements, it's important to acknowledge the individual contributions that have played a pivotal role in our success. Here's a spotlight on some of our standout team members:

Patricia Fondevila (Head of Sales and Marketing)

Paty, our dynamic Head of Sales and Marketing, has been a key driving force in our team. She's led every campaign with innovative strategies and optimized existing ones with her unique blend of energy, organization, and creativity. Her leadership has been vital in translating complex ideas into successful, actionable plans.

More than just a leader, Paty is the cornerstone of the EducUp team, inspiring everyone with her enthusiasm and vision. Her influence has been pivotal in not just meeting but surpassing our targets, and setting new standards in sales and marketing. We are immensely grateful for her guidance and look forward to her continued impact in the future.

Grisel Fernández (Student Support)

Gri's expertise in resolving student issues is invaluable. She significantly contributes to the team's success by efficiently addressing the challenges faced by students, showcasing her problem-solving prowess.

María Fernanda Carralero (Student Support)

Nanda plays a crucial role as the friendly and supportive voice in student interactions. Her positive attitude and efforts, whether through the store or chat, are fundamental in maintaining good relations with our users.

María Fernanda Herrera (Sales Assistant)

Mari brings vitality to the team with her creative approach to content and relationships. Her constant search for new ideas demonstrates an exceptional commitment to innovation and quality.

Gabriela Rodríguez (Sales Executive)

Gaby stands out as an exceptional guide and communicator. Her ability to persuade students that the best choice is to learn with our courses shows her persuasive skills and effective leadership.

Nicole Alvarez (Account Executive)

Nicole shines as the best friend and guide to our Educupers, demonstrating constant attention to their needs. Her focus on problem-solving and providing solutions shows a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Maria Gabriela Henriquez (Consultant)

Gaby's experience in the educational industry adds significant value to the team. Her ability to bring industry insights and perspectives contributes to the team's continuous growth and improvement.

Comass (Designers)

The graphic and visual art of the brand is in their hands. Their contribution is essential for the visual presentation of the company. Their creativity and design skills play a crucial role in shaping customers' perception of the brand.